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Family Business Meetings Help a Building Materials Store Optimize Its Distinctiveness

A building material store sought our help to unite its family. In particular, the current family owners were in the urgency of conducting succession. However, one of the trusted successors was reluctant to take such a big responsibility. It began to be complicated as one of the successors actually cannot run the business alone without the help of the blood-related sibling. This kind of case occurred in many family businesses, and it will always be, because successors sometimes do not want to continue the family business legacy.

We are very eager to help because the family business was in the absence of a leader. We gathered the family members and conducted a heart-to-heart conversation between the owners and successors. It took around two months until the successors agreed to work together in elevating the family business to the next level.

After that, the family business started to show drastic increments, especially in terms of sales. The family conflict that we ended really affected the non-family employees and boosted their willingness to give more to the family business. Now, the store has become one of the biggest building materials providers in East Java.

“UC Family Business Center helped us through our crisis, ended our family conflict smoothly. Moreover, the team has succeeded in turning our problem to opportunity, strengthening our family values to minimize similar conflict in the future. Experienced mentors were really patient in mediating us until we are able to get back to the business.” – DSW & KA (Successor)

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